MDT & ADVANCED EXTREMITIES in Sweden with Scott Herbowy - 2/4/2017

Avanceret ekstremitetskursus til april i Sverige med
International Senior Instructor
Scott Herbowy (Austin, TX)

About the extremity course:
This intensive two day course will focus on more advanced principles and practical application through clinical reasoning, problem solving, analysis of case studies, assessment and treatment of patients, and technique work. Pre- requisite: Part D or E completion.

The goals of this course are to build on prior knowledge gained from the introduction of extremities in Parts C, D and E to:

  • Appropriately apply MDT to patients with extremity problems;
  • Distinguish between the MDT extremity syndromes (Derangement, Dysfunction, Postural, and Other)
  • Provide appropriate management regimens for each of the syndromes;
  • Identify when force progressions and force alternatives are required for the resolution of symptoms using the MDT 'progression of forces' concept;
  • Design and apply appropriate MDT management for patients presenting with extremity symptoms to enable them to achieve their management goals. 

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